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Mastering Your Move: Navigating the Residence Transition Journey

Congratulations on making it to University! You have finished your supplementary applications and selected your favorite university to attend, now all that's left is to physically move to university.

Although your residence form cannot guarantee you a spot in your favorite residence, it is still imperative to create a ranking you believe to increase your chances of having your ideal living standards. Make sure to spend some time researching the available options and learning about each residence's reputation. If you have any high school alumni going to your university, now is a great time to shoot them a message to gain some first-hand information!

You've submitted your forms and gotten your assigned residences, so what's next? Plan for move-in day! Make sure you have everything you need to survive and thrive at university! Use online resources to create a packing list and compare your list with your friends to make sure nobody is forgetting anything. Some essential items include:

  1. ID Cards

  2. Health Hard

  3. Laundry Bins

  4. Mattress Toppers

  5. Toiletries

  6. Clothes

  7. Electronics

  8. Chargers

Be sure to check your school's website to see if they have any items that are not allowed into the residence. When the big day comes around, make sure you know the route and schedule you need to follow to avoid getting lost. You should be able to find information regarding move-in day in your new school email. Try to follow the schedule to the best of your ability, but don't stress too much if something happens and you are late. Your university move-in teams are extremely helpful and understanding.

One you have finally made it into residence and said goodbye to your family, you're on your own! Although it is pretty scary at first, living alone is an opportunity to experience true freedom and grow in ways you never could before! Unpack your belongings and get ready to have tones of fun and make lifelong memories. It can help to create a schedule for cleaning and laundry to remind you to keep your belongings clean. Other than that, say Hi to the people on your floor, make new friends, and try new things!

Of course, it may take some time to settle in and adapt to the new environment. At some points, you may feel homesick, and that's completely normal. Don't be afraid to hop on a video call with your parents and catch up with them. Once you feel better, get ready to put yourself back our there and continue making valuable memories.

You only get to be a first-year once, so make the most of it!


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