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How2University x LEAP Envision Your Career in University

Hi everyone, Gillian from How2University here! Entering university can be an extremely exciting time – a potential new home, new friends, new adventures! But with all of this excitement can come some apprehension. There are so many things to consider when beginning your post-secondary career and a lot to learn along the way.

If you want a helping hand with what you need to know for university, make sure to check out @!

At How2University, we provide you with a real preview into all types of majors so you can test out what you like before you choose, AND once you know for sure what you wish to pursue, we give you all the academic and career skills to succeed! How? Through our short & easy online university crash prep courses designed by top university graduates all across Canada! Get yourself ahead and check out the website today to make a free account. In the meantime, check out these 5 things our team wishes we knew to do before entering university:

1. Research your electives!! This may seem intuitive but researching the electives you take is incredibly critical in managing your workload, finding courses that are taught in a way that compliments your learning and helping you discover your passions. You want to make sure that you don’t overload your schedule and stretch yourself too thin as this could very easily overwhelm you. As well, while many looks at electives as a way to find “bird courses” – those that can get you “easy” A+’s – they are also very important to help you discover interests outside of your degree. Reading course descriptions and speaking to those who have taken the electives previously is a great way to discover what specifically goes on in the course and maybe where it could lead you in the future.

2. Learn about all of the career pathways for your degree! Speaking of your future, it is important to learn about all of the different places your degree can take you! Oftentimes it seems that only the more “obvious” jobs are the ones you are qualified for once you graduate, but there is a world of possibilities for every degree – you just need to know how to find them.

3. How university curriculum is taught The difference between sitting in a high school class and a university one can be intimidating to some, especially when the only image in their mind is of a massive lecture hall full of students. While that is the reality of some university classes, what students don’t know is that there are many other ways in which post-secondary content is taught! From smaller class sizes to tutorials to labs to even office hours, course

content is taught and presented differently depending on the class and program!

4. How to effectively study One of the greatest difficulties I personally had in university was adjusting my way of studying from the methods I used in high school to ones that would be effective in university. With the difference in how classes are operated, and the amount of independent learning required at the post-secondary level, be prepared to alter some of your study methods and adapt to the changes you see.

5. Branch out, work hard and have fun While there are so many things to think about when going into university and so many changes in your life that are being made, it is important to remember that this is the time to discover what your passions are (both in and outside of your degree) and who you want to be. Make sure that you branch out to discover your full potential, work hard to achieve your future career goals, and don’t forget to have fun. University can be some of the best times of your life, so remember to embrace all the experiences that come your way!

Sometimes gathering all of this information is difficult, but How2University’s courses offer a one-stop-shop to make sure you never say the words I wish I knew! With 10 different majors covered, recent graduates in each field teach students all about what to expect in their program, how to succeed in it, and where to go after graduation! Did you know that with a psychology degree, one of the possible career paths is working to improve the safety and/or productivity of businesses?! Or that statistics prep in high school can you help you in political science? With How2University’s e-learning courses, you can find out more. We hope this blog helped and good luck!


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