Our Story

LEAP started in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Driven by a group of university students that had experienced their first year, many of whom did not have access to enough resources nor guidance entering post-secondary. As an organization run entirely by students, we want to use our experience to be mentors - especially in this time where their fears may be even greater with so much uncertainty and change. We hope to create an impact on these students' professional and academic development, so they can find their footing with ease throughout this transition.

Meet the ones behind LEAP's story:


Through LEAP, students can learn more about their post-secondary institution of interest through student life, academics, extra-curriculars, soft skills, and more.


We empower students to find their own #personalbrand and be confident heading into their first year of post-secondary life.


We assist students in the process of applying, choosing the right post-secondary institute through our resource portals, mentorship program and networking opportunities.


We prepare students for an unforgettable and unique post-secondary experience no matter where they are headed.

A message from the CEO

"I don't know how I'll manage my time in university..."

"How do I get involved, and stand out from the crowd, especially when everything is virtual?"

With COVID-19 affecting campus closures around the world, these questions are only harder to answer. Yet, they’re exactly what planted the seeds for LEAP. We hope our stories will empower you to find your own personal brand and propel you to achieve successes greater than ours.

From the second you accept your post-secondary offer to the moment you step

onto campus, in-person or virtually, LEAP is here for you. Whether you want to set yourself up for success through our diverse speaker panels or get insider dorm hacks from a mentor, I’m confident that you will feel excited and prepared - for your most unforgettable post-secondary experience, ever. 

- Maggie Chen, Chief Executive Officer


Zoe Prizzon, Mentee

1st Year University of British Columbia

Before I joined LEAP as a mentee, I was anxious about the domineering jump between high school and university. But now, because of the #TuesdayTalks webinars, I'm optimistic about the transition! The webinars provide me with meaningful, genuine answers to all of my university related questions, and I look forward to every Tuesday where I can meet new panelists and gain a deeper insight on the university lifestyle. My favourite part about LEAP is how university students are helping students, so they understand our worries and concerns on a more personal level, since they've been there themselves!

Anjali Roy, TuesdayTalks Panelist

3rd Year University of Toronto

LEAP designed a wonderfully organized panel and I was honoured to be apart of it and share my experiences at the University of Toronto to incoming students! The panel was detailed, and covered all the important questions that incoming students have about entering university. I'm thankful to LEAP for giving me this opportunity to speak as a panelist in the University of Toronto panel and grateful that this organization allows students to be connected to upper year students before entering university.

Sarojini Dharmaraj, TuesdayTalks Panelist

3rd Year University of Toronto

Transitioning from high school to university is definitely an experience that involves risk-taking and acclimatizing to. As a UofT panellist apart of this initiative, I was able to share my experiences as an undergrad with attendees to help better prep them for what they might encounter. Could not have been more proud of the events that took place during that evening's panel. #LEAPCanadatuesdaytalks

Sanchit Kaushal, TuesdayTalks Attendee

1st Year Queen's University

I attended the #TuesdayTalks Webinar earlier today (Work: Jobs, Internships, and Research & Queen’s University) and I found it super helpful! As an incoming student that will be attending Queen’s University this Fall, the webinar was very educational and motivational. Thank you so much for heading such a great initiative! I’ll definitely be attending future webinars as well in the upcoming weeks.

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