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  • Do I need to pay to use or to attend any of LEAP’s programming?
    Aside from our essay editing service, all other offerings are FREE!
  • Do I need to be a Canadian student to participate in LEAP’s programming?
    We encourage all students, whether they live in Canada or live abroad, to participate in our programs, although the majority of our content is Canadian specific.
  • I am interested in working for LEAP. Where can I apply?
    You can find all of our postings here.
  • I am having issues with….
    If you have any questions or concerns or even program feedback, you can contact us using our website form here:
  • What resources does LEAP provide for post-secondary transition?
    Vsit our wide variety of offerings and resources. LEAP provides a post-secondary transition guidebook that includes information on postsecondary institutions and their program applications. If you’re applying to university and looking for some guidance, our guide is here to help! We have our Post-Secondary Guidebook which is updated regularly and it’s a resource hub for information on post-secondary institutions, their program application process, post-secondary preparation checklists, etc.
  • Where does LEAP operate from?
    LEAP is currently a completely virtual organization! We are a group of students from Canada with the same mission to bridge the gap between high school and post-secondary.
  • I’m in high school, can I still apply to be a part of LEAP?
    Yes! We welcome students of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. Apply here!
  • When are #TuesdayTalks?
    TuesdayTalks are currently hosted every summer!
  • How long are the webinars?
    Each webinar is two hours in length. The first hour focuses on a general topic for discussion while the second hour highlights a specific Canadian university.
  • Which universities will be featured?
    It varies year to year, but in the past we’ve had U of T, Western, UBC, Queen’s, McMaster, Brock, McGill, Waterloo, U of Ottawa, U of Alberta, and Wilfrid Laurier University. You can find past webinars on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for this year's line up!
  • How long are the coffee chats?
    Typically, they last 20 minutes.
  • Who do I talk with on these coffee chats?
    You decide which LEAP team member you would like to have a coffee chat with by scheduling a meeting through our website.
  • What do I talk about during coffee chats?
    Anything from questions about specific programs, courses, to campus life.
  • When is the Mentorship Program?
    The Mentorship program is an eight-week program that runs three cohorts every year: Fall, Winter, and Summer.
  • Who are the Mentors?
    The Mentors are senior post-secondary students from different universities and programs across Canada. As a Mentee, we will do our best to match you with a Mentor that aligns with your university or program of interest.
  • What topics will be discussed in the Mentorship Program?
    Mentors and Mentees can discuss anything related to post-secondary education. Weekly discussion themes include university life and prep, academics, mental health, choosing a program, finding jobs and research, and debunking misconceptions.
  • How can I become a Mentee/Mentor?
    You can apply and find more information on becoming a Mentee or Mentor here.
  • When does the Ambassador Program launch?
    The Ambassador Program runs two cohorts each year, September-February and March-August.
  • I am a high school student, can I become an ambassador?
    Of course! The ambassador program is open to all high school and post-secondary students across the world. You can apply here.
  • How long can I be an ambassador?
    When you first become an ambassador, you will need to commit to 6 months with the program. However, at the end of your cohort, you have the option to extend your commitment.
  • What topics will the blog cover?
    The Typing Tadpole covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to time management, self care, scholarships, and more. Currently, the blog has three series: I Wish I Knew, #MyFirstYear, and How ____ Saved My Life. Read our blog here.
  • Can I make a suggestion for a blog topic?
    Yes, you can! Here is the link to our topic suggestion form.
  • Can I write for the blog if I am not a LEAP member?
    Yes, even if you are not affiliated with LEAP you can still write a blog post. Here is the form.
  • How can I listen to the podcast?
    Post-Secondary Tea is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Google Podcasts and Radio Public. Listen here!
  • Can I make a suggestion for a podcast topic?
    Yes you can! Just email with your suggestion.
  • When is Pathfinder?
    Pathfinder is an annual exploratory program where you can learn more about various industries. More info to come!
  • Do you have to be an expert to participate in the competitions?
    You don’t need any experience to participate! It is meant to be a fun way to apply your workshop learning and get a chance to win prizes. There will also be office hours to help participants navigate the competitions.
  • Can I participate for more than one week?
    Absolutely, you can participate in as many weeks of Pathfinder as you’d like.
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