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Looking for a job to help pay for your post-secondary education? An opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals? 

Find work opportunities through our partner FindWRK or volunteer for LEAP and help carry out our mission! 

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LEAP Volunteer Positions

  • Communicate and meet with mentees to provide insights on post-secondary and daily life experiences

VP Finance

  • Develop a long-term funding strategy based on similar non-profits within Canada

  • Spearhead grant research and writing, using LEAP's internal grant tracker to organize applications

  • Source potential sponsors through cold outreach for LEAP's in-person events

  • Collaborate with other departments to carry out LEAP Canada’s goals 

  • Present weekly updates to C-Suite and quarterly updates to the Board of Directors

  • Coordinate the design, development, deployment and maintenance of LEAP Canada’s website

  • Ensure ux-friendly functionality and efficiency of the website

UI/UX Developer

  • Work alongside the Social Media Director and Creative Director to coordinate the design, development, deployment and maintenance of LEAP Canada’s website.

  • Ensure functionality and efficiency of the website to best present LEAP’s resources and offerings.

  • Monitor online traffic and conversions, track analytics/SEO/SEM and compile reports

  • Coordinate the design, development, deployment and maintenance of LEAP Canada’s website

  • Ensure ux-friendly functionality and efficiency of the website

Graphic Designer 

  • Collaborate with the Graphic Design team and the Vice President of Marketing to create graphics and content for LEAP’s social media platform

  • Work with individuals in the Social Media Department to brainstorm & identify graphic needs and work to improve current graphics

  • Design graphics to support a marketing strategy and a national social media campaign developed by the VP of Marketing 

  • Assist graphic designers with other tasks as needed

Position opening not listed?

Email your resume to and we will notify you when a volunteer position becomes available.
LEAP Positions

Job Opportunities

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LEAP has partnered with FindWRK to help you find work. Create a profile to share your interests, experiences, and work preferences. Employers will reach out directly with offers. 

Popular roles employers are hiring for include:

  • Restaurants: hosts, cooks, bartenders, servers

  • Hospitality: front desk staff, cleaners, bell staff

  • Retail: cashiers, merchandisers, sales representatives

  • Warehouse workers: delivery drivers, shipping and receiving, packers

  • Event staff: brand ambassadors, catering staff, security

FindWRK Testimonials

Shaneika B.

Hired at Hotel X

I always loved the idea of hotel work and I’m naturally good at jobs that are social; where I need to engage with people. I like that with FindWRK, companies contact me. It means they want to work with me.

FinWRK Positions

Team Testimonials


Tom Nguyen

Marketing Committee Chair

Being a LEAPer was a highlight of my 2020 going through ups and downs with a great group of individuals. Not only have I been able to add an extra work experience to my resume, I've also been able to expand my network and strengthen multiple soft skills. I'm most grateful for the opportunity to gain valuable hard skills and explore my passion in Marketing in areas of media relations, blog & podcast production and digital marketing.

Chloe Wu

Marketing Advisor

LEAP's team of hardworking volunteers is so inspiring - their ambition is actually infectious. Working with people who are continuously striving to improve and build on their skills has been so motivating to me in my own journey. Getting to talk to some of the high school students we've helped out through our DMs has also been really gratifying and motivating when we get stumped. I hope LEAP continues its impact on high school and post-secondary students alike because I certainly learned alot :)

Rhonda Su.jpg

Rhonda Su

Marketing Advisor

It's been a pleasure working with the creative team and supporting our organization through the creation of social media graphics, videos, and advertisements. Each and every internal LEAP member is always willing to do whatever they can to support you in your role, whether it be collecting data, critiquing your work, or even teaching you new skills (Adobe softwares in my case!). My team has been more than amazing to me this year transitioning me into my new position and I cannot be more grateful.

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