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Political Science & Economics at University of British Columbia

Jake (Year 2)

What made you choose this institution over all others? Did the university exceed your expectations?

The school met my expectations and even excelled more in certain areas. I chose my university because of its location and close proximity to career opportunities. Also, the school also has a strong academic standing and diverse social life.

Do you have any lingering thoughts or regrets in your year as a whole (ex; application process, mistakes going into first year). If so, describe them.

A big mistake I made was overlooking certain courses that are prerequisites for potential majors and not being aware that I should have taken them.

Briefly describe the academic rigour of your program (in terms of competitiveness, courses, professors, etc.)

It is rigorous and what I expected from University, but it was not as extreme as some experiences of other Universities I have heard about.

Describe the social life at your campus based on your own experiences (making friends, clubs + extracurriculars, party culture etc.)

It was easy to make friends and there were an abundance of social activities that encompass many diverse interests.

What are some of the best and worst parts of your university experience so far?

The cafeteria at my residence could use more varieties of meals and higher quality food. But, my social life has been exceedingly adventurous and very enjoyable.

List three effective study techniques and/or habits:

  1. Sports and exercise

  2. Good friends

  3. Profs that want you to exceed by learning

List some pieces of advice for first-year students:

  1. You are better and more capable than you know

  2. Your work will show results, just be patient.

Additional comments:

Join a club or team! It helps you to be involved in a community

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