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Ontario Universities' Application Centre

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Overview of the OUAC Platform

OUAC stands for Ontario University Application Centre. It's an application platform for all the students who want to apply to all the Ontario universities. OUAC is the general application for each Ontario university as the applicant may be required to do another supplementary application (e.g. video interview/personal statement) made by the applicant’s choice of university. After submitting all your program choices, you will be prompted to pay the application fees (refer to Fee section below) in order to get an email for the next steps which includes subsequently accepting university offers. Note that there is no limit to the amount of program choices the applicant can apply for to a university.

Navigating Through The Website

Main Page of OUAC

  • UNDERGRAD (101) signifies current Ontario high school students

  • UNDERGRAD (105) signifies Canadian residents or international applicants not currently attending an Ontario School

UNDERGRAD 101 & 105 Application

Create Account & Log In

Complete Application

Once you have logged into your OUAC account, you will be prompted to first complete the following section listed below (fill out the required information first in Personal Information, Contact Information, and Academic Background). Then you will be able to search applications for your desired university in the Browse Program section.

Browse Programs

You will be able to browse programs by university, by geographic area, or by the specific program code.

Program Choice

Once you have clicked onto your desired program and have filled in the necessary information in the browse programs section (as shown below), click save which will then add that to your program choice list in the program choices section.

Review and Submit

Once you have gone through all the sections (document upload, additional university details, etc.) of completing your applications, the last section is to review and submit. Here, OUAC will ask you to pay your fees related to each application. Fee amounts for 2020-2021 are listed below.

Final Tips

  • Double check your email address!

  • Keep your username & password in a secure location

  • Submit your program choice ASAP

  • Keep track of deadlines and due dates