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Industrial Engineering at University of Toronto (St. George)

Deenar (Year 2)


What did you wish you knew before going to your university? What made you choose this institution over all others? What are advantages and disadvantages of your institution or campus? List any advice for incoming first-year students about your university.

I wish I knew not to stress so much about finances, because there are plenty of supports at school to help you out, as well as scholarships available. As well, university is an investment into your future and should be treated as such.

What did you wish you knew before choosing your specific program? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your program? List any advice for incoming first-year students about your program of study.

I wish I knew how many academic support systems my school offered, as well as how kind my peers are! I heard so much about people saying that UofT engineering was so difficult, and that I was "going to die". The program definitely is academically challenging, but it is not nearly as bad as people describe. There are so many ways to get help!

What was your favourite university experience?

Making new friends! The amazing part about university is that it can be easier to find people with similar interests since you are all interested in the same program. Make sure to keep an open mind starting in your first year, talk to everyone!

What was your least favourite university experience?

My worst university experience was dealing with the change in my grades compared to high school. If you are someone who is used to getting high grades in high school and are entering a competitive program, you should be prepared to see a shift in your grades. Studying in university is different from high school, and courses are structured differently. This is not something to worry about, with time you will adjust to the changes and be able to bring your grades up.

What is the hardest part about your program and what were the steps that you took to overcome any difficulties?

The hardest part about my program was the amount of time it consumes. I had class from 9 am to 7 pm on some days, and around 25+ hours of class a week. It is challenging to learn how to manage your time and still make time for extracurricular activities, and taking care of yourself. Using an agenda, and google calendar, have made a significant difference in helping me manage my time.

If you were able to take electives, what was your favourite elective? If you were not able to take electives, what was your favourite course and why?

My favourite course was APS111 and APS112, Engineering Strategies and Practice I & II. This is a core course for core 8 engineering programs. This course teaches design principles during lecture, and you are expected to apply what you learn within your own unique design project with your group throughout the semester to come up with design solutions to your problem.



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