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Human Resources at York University

Rachel (Year 2)


What made you choose this institution over all others? Did the university exceed your expectations?

York University was close to my home. Other than that factor, it is the only University that offers a specialized honours program for HR. The environment at York is very diverse and allows every student to have an opportunity to succeed. There are many extracurriculars and events running throughout each year to ensure students are also having fun!

Do you have any lingering thoughts or regrets in your year as a whole (ex; application process, mistakes going into first year). If so, describe them.

I regret not attending Frosh because I was anxious about transitioning into University

Briefly describe the academic rigour of your program (in terms of competitiveness, courses, professors, etc.)

The course grading for my program is fair. There are minor factors such as the professor you get which can make your course more difficult.

Describe the social life at your campus based on your own experiences (making friends, clubs + extracurriculars, party culture etc.)

York always has events, especially parties and clubs. They host club opportunities every year for students to apply for and there is heavy marketing for that as well. Personally I have had the privilege to be in 4 clubs who have opened me up to so many students at York. It also hosts events online and offline to accommodate for COVID so we stay connected. Overall, York has tons of events and parties for each and every student.

What are some of the best and worst parts of your university experience so far?

The worst part was my transition to University and being in an environment where I felt lost. Slowly I met friends through clubs which has definitely made my University experience the best!

List three effective study techniques and/or habits:

  1. Clubs

  2. Peers

  3. Professors

List advice for first-year students:

  1. To not be scared to put yourself out there and talk to other students

  2. Always attend events because most clubs ask about your affiliation with your University and how active you are.



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