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How Notion Saved My Life

I always told myself that motivation came from creating daily to do lists. Writing out my tasks would initiate productivity and checking off the boxes afterwards made me feel less guilty about binging a show to end the night. But the black ink that was supposed to spark my studious self just turned into a blurb of words in which my mind could not register and execute; procrastination took over the wheel. The paper and pen method was way too dull for my liking but luckily I found MUCH better options out there.

When I first discovered Notion, I had little faith that an app could literally change the way I study. I spent an entire day watching Youtube videos on how exactly to create the ~perfect~ Notion board- one that actually makes me feel excited to study (how that is possible, i’m not even sure myself - blame Notion).

This is what you see when you first open my Notion board. I have four daily tasks in which I consider them my top priorities. And then a motivating quote, my easily accessible google drive, EVEN A SHORTCUT FOR LOFI MUSIC ON SPOTIFY.

Now tell me that doesn’t sound like the best setup for studying.

Notion itself offers a variety of templates, but you can also download templates from other users, so let your organizational side run wild! My favourites include a weekly agenda and a monthly calendar that is totally customizable with the colors and functions. I love how minimalistic yet aesthetic this template is to help manage my time and keep track of my tasks!

Not only does Notion offer the best templates for academics, but millions of people use it for managing their interests and lifestyle as well! Are you an avid anime fan, bookworm, or travel influencer? Fear not because Notion has got you all covered. You are able to create a table, whether it's for past items or for things in the future, and organize it however you like. Functions such as the star ratings, and color coded statuses are only some of the reasons why this app deserves all the hype. If I do say so myself, Notion is most definitely five out of five stars ;)

As a post- secondary student, I am programmed to find all the best resources out there and utilize them to the fullest extent. Bonus points if you don’t need to pay to access it. So obviously I had to write about Notion. Well it's only the standard plan that's free, but I mean you already got more than enough of the features you need, what more could you possibly ask for?

Now imagine you are in an important meeting, and need to create all sorts of timelines, calendars, and schedules as part of the meeting notes. Your supervisor asks you to share the notes with the team. You start to panic because your computer doesn’t have enough storage to import and download everything to manually email them the info. Well Notion is here to save the day. With its sharing feature on the upper right hand corner of the screen, you can share to the web, to some select individuals, or even invite by copying the link! A broke college student is no longer in need of buying more storage! Not all superheros wear capes right?

By all means, this blog is not sponsored by Notion, but hey *wink wink nudge nudge* it wouldn’t be all that bad to get unlimited file uploads with the pro plan…just saying.

I could go on and on about why everyone needs Notion in their lives, but I’m sure you are already downloading it right now as you read this if it isn’t already one of your college essentials :) Your post-secondary journey will only get better with Notion - mark my words.

👩🏻‍🎓 Cathy Xin

BMOS Student @ Western University

Logistics Coordinator @ LEAP Canada

About the Author

Cathy joined LEAP in April 2021 as a logistics coordinator, and has had a wonderful experience working with the team. She will be going into university next fall, so she personally understands the hardships high school students have faced transitioning to post-secondary during this pandemic season. She is excited to discover the various opportunities offered next year, with a keen interest towards finance. With her friendly and supportive personality, Cathy strives to help other fellow students navigate the ups and downs of university life.


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