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Honours Social Work at McMaster University

Regine (Year 2)


What made you choose this institution over all others? Did the university exceed your expectations?

I decided to choose McMaster due to its reputation, location and my program. It was difficult to have specific expectations, but the professors and lessons were very engaging. The university is quite inclusive and has something for everyone.

Do you have any lingering thoughts or regrets in your year as a whole (ex; application process, mistakes going into first year). If so, describe them.

One big regret I have is not joining clubs and getting involved from the beginning. Other than that, I think everything else was handled well.

Briefly describe the academic rigour of your program (in terms of competitiveness, courses, professors, etc.)

The course grading was very fair, and very flexible and accommodating to certain circumstances that came with the diverse student body. Some professors teach very differently from the others, in addition to their grading + assignment rules.

Describe the social life at your campus based on your own experiences (making friends, clubs + extracurriculars, party culture etc.)

The social life at the campus was very positive - people were kind if you needed help. I am not knowledgeable in the social aspect of Mac because unfortunately I didn't join any clubs, however from what I have seen, people are very lively and accommodating.

What are some of the best and worst parts of your university experience so far?

Best part was residence life - you really can meet a ton of people in different programs and can bond with them... they honestly make your experience. ALSO, during Welcome Week, there are noisy and crowded activities and reps would prepare alternative, toned down activities that would allow you to be accommodated if that kind of thing makes you anxious.Worst part would probably be that as well--people can break that experience too. Plus, residence accommodations are very difficult to deal with--for example, if you req for a single but click on any other request (ex. a community theme) you will likely be thrown out of that single and will need to provide a "legit" reason to go back in. Understandable, as the capacity in residence is limited.

List three effective study techniques and/or habits:

  1. The libraries! Great spaces to study

  2. Professors/TAs, very understanding

  3. The AvenueToLearn website was very handy in being organized

List advice for first-year students:

  1. While professors are varying, just make sure you keep on top of handling your work ethic, and you should be able to do okay!

  2. Very easy to fall behind--they remind you, but not as much as high school

  3. Don't make my mistake and join 0 clubs, but don't feel pressured to right away, as O-Week tends to make you feel that way sometimes--but they are still very kind and accommodating with alternative activities during that

  4. Don't skip essential readings, or you'll be scrambling by exams

  5. Cheating during exams and midterms are an absolute NO.



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