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Business Administration at York University

Jackie (Year 3)

What made you choose this institution over all others? Did the university exceed your expectations?

I chose this institution since I did not know what I wanted to specialize in coming out of high school and Schulich provided the opportunity to specialize in my third year. The university did exceed my expectations given the plethora of networking events we have throughout the year and the variety of clubs. It has allowed me to explore all industries and now I know what I want to specialize in.

Do you have any lingering thoughts or regrets in your year as a whole (ex; application process, mistakes going into first year). If so, describe them.

I regret not starting to network early and not applying to more jobs.

Briefly describe the academic rigour of your program (in terms of competitiveness, courses, professors, etc.)

Overall, most of the professors are well informed and courses are well taught. There are a select few professors that are despised by the community, but many upper years will warn you about them so that you can switch professors. In the first two years you explore many different industries and you don’t pick many courses. Third and fourth year is when you specialize and pick all but two courses.

Describe the social life at your campus based on your own experiences (making friends, clubs + extracurriculars, party culture etc.)

It’s very easy to make friends as the Schulich program is a close knit family. I was surprised by how helpful upper years were and they are all willing to share past projects and tests. The party culture is low compared to other schools, but there are still parties around campus.

What are some of the best and worst parts of your university experience so far?

Best : Frosh, Club events, pub nights

Worst : Nothing

List three effective study techniques and/or habits:

1. Start early and organize your time

2. Ask for upper year notes

3. Write notes

List three pieces of advice for first-year students:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help



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