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Biological Sciences at Ontario Tech University

Kerida (Year 2)

What did you wish you knew before going to your university? What made you choose this institution over all others? What are advantages and disadvantages of your institution or campus? List any advice for incoming first-year students about your university. 

I wish I knew about how important taking a break is because engulfing myself in work didn't do much for me, just stressed me out more which gave me bad acne. I chose the school mainly because of my sister and the school has a lot for its students with the tight-knit community there is. OnTech has a great advantage over many schools as it has small lecture halls which make it easier to talk to the professor and for them to get to know you. Do a quick review of all your notes in the month of August so you're not lost once you begin. 

What did you wish you knew before choosing your specific program? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your program?  List any advice for incoming first-year students about your program of study.

I wish I knew more about student advising which is heaven-sent. There aren't many mistakes I made because my sister recently graduated so I had a lot of help. My program offers a lot along with the school which makes the opportunity and lessons learned valuable. A quick suggestion is to read up on your professors on Rate my Professors as it gives you an insight into what you are dealing with 

What was your favourite university experience? 

Going to clubs and joining a sport to meet friends with the same interest, especially after our first exam to have a much-needed relaxation break. My friends and I also do a once a month outing to take our minds off school for a bit.  

What was your least favourite university experience?

Worst university experience was being in the library late at night trying to understand chemistry. The subject isn't hard but the teacher made it seem really hard. 

What is the hardest part about your program and what were the steps that you took to overcome any difficulties?

The hardest part of my program was chemistry. My professor was very complicated and our exams and midterms were so hard because she made it super hard with the questions as they weren't straight forward at all. For the class, I learnt that reading ahead and getting extra help really helped. I made use of peer tutoring which was more than a handful of help. The most important thing for a university student is a schedule. Live and eat it and you'll be okay. 

If you were able to take electives, what was your favourite elective? If you were not able to take electives, what was your favourite course and why?

My favourite course would be BIOL1000U. The professor and TA were amazing. They took their time when teaching and answered my questions. The lectures were never boring. However, the courses for this program are pre-set so I don't have any guidance for course selection.



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