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 UI/UX Developer 

 Campus/Brand Ambassador 

Coordinate the design, development, deployment and maintenance of LEAP Canada’s website.

Identify partnership opportunities in the community to strengthen LEAP's brand awareness.

A series for transitioning to virtual post-secondary


University Prep: Incoming First Years

Hey, high school graduates, class of 2021! As you enter your final year of high school, what can you do to prepare?

As we conclude LEAP’s Summer 2020 Webinar series, this webinar in particular is perfect for incoming senior high school students. This week, we will be covering the application process to post-secondary institutions, pathways after high school, and best practices for university preparation.

Health Studies

Biomed & Environmental Health Sciences

Health Sciences

University of Calgary '22

University of Toronto '21

Carleton Universith '19

Honours Business Administration

Fatima Saleem

Constanza Andrea Farias

Katie Chechalk

Ivey Business School '22

Shayan Hasan

Be sure to stay for part 2 for Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier students to answer questions such as the co-op program, double-degrees, and more.

Computer Science and Business Administration

Political Science | Public Policy

Accounting and Financial Management

University of Waterloo '24

UW&WLU '24

Wilfred Laurier University '21


Natasha Chen

Sam Li

Owen Bourrie

University of Waterloo '23

Sarah Thompson

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Our TuesdayTalks series has ended! Thank you to all of our panelists and attendees.
Stay updated with our newsletter and social media to catch the recordings!

As an incoming student that will be attending Queen’s University this Fall, the webinar was very educational and motivational.  Read more

1st Year Queen's University

Sanchit Kaushal, TuesdayTalks Attendee

Sarojini Dharmaraj, TuesdayTalks Panelist

3rd Year University of Toronto

I was able to share my experiences as an undergrad with attendees to help better prep them for what they might encounter. Could not have been more proud of the events that took place during that evening's panel. Read more

  • Assist in developing a strategy for global expansion of our internal operations.

Strategy & Analytics Coordinator

  • Help implement all programs and services related to the LEAP national ambassador initiative.

Ambassador Program Coordinator

  • Establish communication with various other organizations to obtain partnerships/sponsorships with the goal of increasing brand image and recognition.

CR Coordinator

  • Assist Vice President, Human Resources with various tasks such as learning and development initiatives, reviewing policies and procedures, and gathering feedback to analyze performance.

HR Manager, Learning & Development

  • Assist with the planning and execution of events and resource development.

Operations Manager

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  • Speak at a virtual 45-minute panel, sharing tips and personal experiences while answering questions from attendees to help them transition to post-secondary education.



Art Director

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  • Collaborate with the Creative Manager to brainstorm/create content - videos and graphics for LEAP’s social media platforms.

Video Editor

  • Collaborate with the Creative Manager to brainstorm/create graphics and content for LEAP’s social media platforms.

Graphic Designer

  • Work alongside the Creative Manager to coordinate the design, development, deployment and maintenance of LEAP Canada’s website.

UI/UX Developer

  • Formulate, review and implement organizational policies and bylaws throughout LEAP Canada.

HR Manager, Risk Management