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The #TuesdayTalks Webinar Series is a LEAP flagship event featuring upper-year post-secondary students and recent graduates. Hosted every Tuesday evening throughout the summer, attendees get the chance to learn about our panelists’ first-year experiences and we hope to best prepare incoming post-secondary students for their transition through realistic tips & advice. 

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Program Timeline


April 26th-May 7th

Panellist Application & Interview - Before the execution of #TuesdayTalks, LEAP recruits  & conducts interviews in advance with potential panelists to ensure that our speakers are of the best fit for our audience.

Early June

Attendee Registration - Registration forms will be launched starting early June and closed two days prior to each webinar. An email will be sent to attendees with all webinar details a few days before each webinar.

Late June to Early August

#TuesdayTalks are held every Tuesday starting at the end of June for 5 weeks. The first hour of each webinar covers a general topic discussion then highlights a specific Canadian post-secondary in the second. At the end of each session, an open Q&A period is offered to attendees for more insights from our panelists.

Our Testimonials

Perks of being an attendee

Participate in live discussions with post-secondary students


Gain insights on preparing for post-secondary and pursuing your dreams


Get tips on applications, mental health, productivity, and more...


Build personal connections with our panelists


Meet like minded individuals pursuing the same goals and dreams!

#TuesdayTalks 2020 Impacts


Sanchit Kaushal

"I attended the #TuesdayTalks Webinar earlier today (Work: Jobs, Internships, and Research & Queen’s University) and I found it super helpful! As an incoming student that will be attending Queen’s University this Fall, the webinar was very educational and motivational. Thank you so much for heading such a great initiative! I’ll definitely be attending future webinars and initiatives as well in the upcoming weeks."

Neetu Rambharack

"I was #TuesdayTalks panelist for one of LEAP’s webinars last summer. I had so much fun being able to connect with younger students and sharing my personal growth experiences throughout my 1st year in university. LEAP is an incredible organization by post-secondary students for high school students providing these amazing helpful resources & opportunities. I highly recommend you check out their programs - all to help you discover your true calling!"

Anjali Roy

"The panel was detailed, and covered all the important questions that incoming students have about entering university. I'm thankful to LEAP for giving me this opportunity to speak as a panelist in the University of Toronto panel and grateful that this organization allows students to be connected to upper year students before entering university."

Queen's University '24

McMaster University '23

University of Toronto '22


#TuesdayTalks 2020 was an insightful 8 weeks packed with insights from post-secondary students across Canada discussing topics such as their schools, debunking misconceptions and jobs, internships and research! Visit LEAP’s Youtube for the full 2020 playlist!

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