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Ambassador Program 

Our program allows students around the world who are passionate about our mission to represent LEAP by making our brand more accessible to high school students who are preparing for their incoming post-secondary transition.

** Open to all high school and post-secondary students **


Running 2 cohorts every year - for every cohort you join LEAP as an ambassador, you will sign a 6-month contract with an option to extend at the end of every cohort if you wish to keep supporting our movement! 

Contact us if you have any questions!


  1. Cohort 1 Recruitment :  August - September
  2. Cohort 1 Volunteering Period: September - February
  3. Cohort 2 Recruitment : February - March
  4. Cohort 2  Volunteering Period: March - August


Gain hands-on work experience​
Build up transferable skills
Flexible work hours
Advancement opportunities
Collaborate with like-minded students
Access to our network of industry professional and students


Emily Sun, Ambassador

University of Toronto '25

LEAP has provided me with the opportunity to learn new skills and work with like-minded individuals to accomplish LEAP's goals. It's been interesting to be a part of a student run organization and learn the behind the scenes work. Overall, I look forward to where LEAP goes in the future and hope the organization will continue to be successful!

1.2 noah.png

Noah Wong, Strategies & Analytics Manager

University of Western Ontario, '25

I first applied to be an Ambassador with LEAP last summer after attending #TuesdayTalks and participating in the mentorship program. Throughout my time as an Ambassador, I was able to network with so many talented high school and university students from across Canada and develop my marketing skills. I gained so much insight into the Canadian university application process and post-secondary experience that were invaluable as I decided where I wanted to spend my undergrad. If you’re interested in joining a student-run organization that impacts thousands of students I highly recommend joining LEAP!

Kaneera Uthayakumaran, Ambassador

Since joining the ambassador program at LEAP last summer, I can say without a shadow of doubt that all my expectations have been surpassed. From the initial onboarding stages till now, LEAP’s ambassador program has provided me with innumerable opportunities to personally develop myself and explore my interests, while giving back to other secondary students. Joining a team this welcoming and motivated to creating an impact is an experience you definitely don’t want to miss!

Kaneera Uthayakumaran Headshot.png
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