Ambassador Program 

Our program allows students around the world who are passionate about our mission to represent LEAP by making our brand more accessible to high school students who are preparing for their incoming post-secondary transition.

** Open to all high school and post-secondary students **


Running 2 cohorts every year - for every cohort you join LEAP as an ambassador, you will sign a 6-month contract with an option to extend at the end of every cohort if you wish to keep supporting our movement! 

Contact us if you have any questions!

Cohort 1 Volunteering Period: September - February


Cohort 2 Recruitment : February - March

Cohort 2  Volunteering Period: March - August

Cohort 1 Recruitment :  August - September

Gain hands-on work experience 

Build up transferable skills 


Flexible work hours 

Advancement opportunities

Collaborate with like-minded students 

Access to our network of industry professional and students


Yvonne Ho

UofT '23
I just wanted to say that the LEAP Mentorship Program has really allowed me to connect with younger students and learn about the challenges that they face when transitioning from high school to university. Throughout the program, I've strengthened my interpersonal skills by hosting weekly online meetings to discuss important transition topics and had the opportunity to work with other students my age from universities all over Canada. The mentorship program has inspired me to move beyond being a mentor and I've decided to stay with the team as a Campus Ambassador.